Turf Tank One

Experience line marking in a way that has never been seen before.

Turf Tank One

Danish top quality robot for autonomous sports field line marking of any field type or size. With advanced GPS-technology to guarantee the accuracy, reliability and durability of each line.

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Turf Tank One
  • 30 minutes per field
  • Different field layouts
  • Remembers all coordinates 
  • Maximum precision


High pressure pump
Spray from side
Suitable for ready to use paints
Suitable for concentrate paints


Brochure Intelligent One

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Save time, resources and money

The world’s first and most comprehensive robot, known as Turf Tank One, for autonomous line marking of any imaginable field type or size. Our advanced GPS technology, proprietary software, and patented hardware design ensures the best in class accuracy, reliability and sustainability every time.

Turf Tank One (previously known as Intelligent One) eliminates the need for a constant operator, thus saving crucial time, resources and money while increasing overall efficiency significantly.



Ease of use

Line marking has never been easier than now. Turf Tank One memorizes all locations and route plans from the initial marking, thus making over markings possible with the push of a button. This ensures the same outstanding result every time with an accuracy of an impressive +/- 1 cm.

Turf Tank One is controlled with the help of the included tablet with a dedicated, intuitive smart application that makes it easy for the operator to handle all aspects of the autonomous line marking process.


Turf Tank One

Experience line marking in a way that has never been seen before.

Turf Tank One is integrated with an interchangeable lithium-ion battery system, allowing you to mark field around the clock. Using the included tablet and application, Intelligent One is easily and intuitively controlled, allowing for quick and easy setup of any route plan in only 30 seconds.

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