International Womens Day

Turf Tank, Geo Trace and Selectline celebrate International Womens Day 2021

International Womens Day

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This year, on International Women’s Day, Selectline and Turf Tank celebrate unique women in the sports industry, whose stories can inspire others to follow the same career path.

After 25 years of work in the pharmaceutical industry, Sandra Lagravère decided to make a career turn and set to build her own business. She entered the industry of turf management, a world that faces a lack of women, but due to the help of the Turf Tank autonomous line marking robot, she is confident she can overcome any challenges and offer high-quality services to her customers.

“I really like this new job! It is great to see people being enthusiastic when they see the job done by the robot. Plus, the surprise when they see that a woman can also do this job.”

Sandra Lagravère with the Turf Tank One

Her company provides line marking services for football and rugby fields. Using advanced GPS technology painting with the robot is faster than the manual techniques. Sandra can finish a football field in just 27 minutes and a rugby field in approximately 40 minutes.

It’s been one year and a half now since she took the entrepreneurial road, and she is very happy in her new role.

“I don’t regret making this decision!”

 Thanks to Geo Trace and Turf Tank.


Selectline celebrates International Womens Day!