Selectline Ready Fit

Ready-to-use paint with ultra-low consumption

Selectline Ready Fit

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Selectline Ready Fit
  • Ready to use: saves time and water
  • Superb coverage and wear resistance
  • Best price/quality ratio
  • Economical in use


No water needed
For natural grass
Shake can
Hollow-cone nozzle
Keep from freezing

General usage

2.5 ltr/field
3.5 ltr/field
American football
9 ltr/field

Available in


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Selectline Ready Fit can be applied straight from the can with the Select liner or a machine equipped with a pump generating over 3 bar (45psi) and a suitable hollow-cone nozzle.

General information

  • Suitable for all sports played on natural grass
  • Whiteness will depend on type of nozzle, pump pressure and walking speed
  • Safe for the environment

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