High-quality user-friendly spraying machine


Professional and high-quality line marking machine with battery and smart charger. Strong steel chassis with adjustable line width. Made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and performance for many years.
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  • Stable frame
  • Optimal results
  • High quality parts
  • Spray from side or front
  • Adjustable line width
  • Fast marking


Selectline brand
High pressure pump
Suitable for concentrate paints
Suitable for ready to use paints
Spray from front
Spray from side


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Quality and ease

The Selectliner is a user-friendly and highly efficient line marking machine that is suitable for spraying concentrates (Selectline Mix) and ready-to-use products (Selectline Direct and Selectline Ready). As big brother from the Easyliner this line marking machine is made from high quality materials to guarantee durability and performance year after year. 

General usage

The Selectliner is suited to spray all available paints in the Selectline assortment. It is important to match the spray nozzle to the type of paint used.



Every operator has his or her own preferences. The Selectliner can accommodate to all. The Selectliner is suited for spraying straight in front as well as off the side of the machine. The spray-parts are easily removable to be mounted on the side of the machine.

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