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  • TinyLineMarker Pro X

    With powerful hardware upgrades, new design and game changing new software features, TinyLineMarker Pro X can solve even the most demanding field painting jobs.

    Designed for the most demanding jobs
    Portable and can be deployed on the field within 5 minutes after arrival
    Sturdy construction ensures reliable operation every time
    With 2.6 gallons in the paint container, Pro X can paint several fields before re-fill is needed, and this makes it a real time-saver
    The design upgrade makes the robot more user-friendly than ever. It’s easy to learn, easy to use, easy to maintain
    A new hardware configuration that’s based on our own research and feedback from customers around the globe
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    Paint your own custom logos with the field painter using the Custom Logo Feature
    Multi-select allows you to queue up your fields. This means you only have to jump in to refill the paint
    Receive a notification on your tablet when it’s time to refill the paint.
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