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  • TinyLineMarker Sport

    Whether you work at a high school or college, or you are in charge of line marking for a local sports team or sports center, the TinyLineMarker® Sport can assist.

    Start of season made much easier: No more strings and measuring by hand
    Free up time for grounds keepers: More time for more demanding tasks
    Easy to learn and get started: Intuitive tablet gives full control
    Easy to transport: Lightweight and fits in trunk
    Simplified planning: Reliable machine ready to work and only one person required
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    Carries 5 L (1.3 gl) of paint, enough for a full soccer field
    Fully automatic and adjustable pump system
    5 hours of operation, enough for 10+ soccer fields
    360º caster wheel for flexible driving and maneuverability
    Bumper guard with stop-on-impact sensors
    Control buttons in addition to user tablet
    Ultrasound sensors ensure safe operation
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