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     American football24 ltr/pitch
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    Selectline Mix Prof

    Are you looking for a very high-quality line marking with excellent whiteness? Then our concentrate line marking paint Selectline Mix Prof is exactly what you are looking for! Due to a high volume of pigments, you will obtain a beautiful white line that is also very wear-resistant.

    Concentrated: mix with water
    Superb whiteness
    Very wear resistant
    Economical in use
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    Mixing ratio
    For natural grass
    Shake can
    Use flat nozzle
    Keep from freezing
    Shake the can thoroughly before use. Create the desired amount of solution by mixing Selectline Mix Prof in a ratio of 1:4 to 1:8 with clean water.
    Line marking machine
    Selectline Mix Prof can be applied with the Selectliner, Easyliner or most common line marking machines equipped with a flat tip nozzle.
    General information
    Suitable for all sports played on natural grass Whiteness will depend on type of nozzle, pump pressure and walking speed Safe for the environment
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