Selectline Cleaner

Cleaner for your line marking machine

Selectline Cleaner

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Selectline Cleaner
  • Fast and effective cleaning
  • Prolongs lifetime of your machine
  • Easy to apply 
  • Economical in use


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Create the desired amount of solution by diluting Selectline Cleaner with water according to your needs. Apply the solution on the desired location and leave it acting 1 hour before brushing. Rinse with clean water.

General information

  • Suitable for cleaning of Selectline line marking machines
  • Use of safety glasses and gloves are recommended when handling or applying Selectline Cleaner
  • Safe for the environment
Selectline Cleaner

General usage

  • Nozzle and handles: Selectline Cleaner
  • Dirty materials: 1 part of Selectline Cleaner + 1 part of water
  • Maintenance cleaning: 1 part of Selectline Cleaner + 6 parts of water

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