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  • ProLine V4 Drop&Go

    Elevate your line marking experience with the ProLine V4 Drop&Go. This model delivers more vivid lines, setting an new standard in line marking precision. The ProLine V4 Drop&Go is the epitome of versatility and user-friendliness. The Proline V4 Drop&Go allows use of Selectline's latest and most Ready To Use (RTU) line marking paints (Selectline Ready Fit, Selectline Ready Go). Improved productivity and superior performance ensures professional results every time. Do not worry, because it's also possible to use the concentrate line marking paints of Selectline (Selectline Mix Club, Selectline Mix Plus, Selectline Mix Prof. The ProLine V4 Drop&Go also comes with a long life battery. You can mark up to eight hours between recharging.

    Easy use of Ready-to-use paint
    Low-consumption spray head for effective line marking
    Heavy duty steel chassis and stable four wheels for extra stability and perfect straight lines
    Ergonomic height adjustable handle for operator comfort
    Adjustable marking discs for crisp, sharp and well-defined lines
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    The FastClean™ system mwans easy cleaning
    RDS™ variable line width and position mechanism
    Battery with waterproof switch
    Hand spray attachment
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