Marloes says goodbye to Selectline after 12.5 years!

Jeroen Bruers replaces Marloes in the Selectline team

Marloes says goodbye to Selectline after 12.5 years!

Jeroen Bruers has become the newest recruit to enter the team of Selectline. He takes over the function of Marloes Bijleveld, who leaves the company after many years. As of January first, Jeroen will start as the 'Product Developer' of Selectline.


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From 2009 till 2022, Marloes Bijleveld was a well-appreciated member of our team as the “Product Developer” of Selectline. During a period of 12,5 years, she was responsible for the development, improvement and quality assurance of the products. She witnessed Selectline grow with the result of selling line marking paints in more than 20 countries.

As a token of appreciation for the unbelievable work that Marloes has done, her colleagues have decided to give her a cache which can be found on the business premises of Selectline. Since Marloes is an active geocacher, she has been the first person to find this cache.

We would like to thank Marloes for her effort and wish her all the best for the future!

Within the team, her tasks have been taken over by Jeroen Bruers.

Jeroen currently lives in Alphen. During his bachelor 'Applied Science', he dived into organic chemistry. After he graduated, he worked for SPS B.V. which is a company that produces paint, wall paints and decorative plasters. Within this company, he worked as a 'Color Scientist'.

We asked Jeroen why he chose to work for Selectline. He replied as follows: “My passion within the chemistry lies at developing new products and improving existing products. Selectline gave me the possibility to forfill this passion.”

We would like to welcome Jeroen Bruers in our team and look forward to a great and succesfull collaboration!