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  • Account Manager Sjoerd Broos

    25 July 2023

    Meet the Selectline Team

    It’s a pleasure to introduce Sjoerd Broos to you in our ‘The Selectline Team’ series. Sjoerd is our International Account Manager and therefore the first contact for most of the (potential) partners of Selectline. He is part of the Selectline team since the end of 2017 and has been part of our growth in recent years. Sjoerd (frequent flyer) has already made contacts in many countries and has been able to help partners satisfactorily. It’s not surprising that he likes it to discover new cultures, create new contacts and help people.

    Sjoerd is living in Zundert, a village close to the Belgian border in the South of the Netherlands. In his spare time Sjoerd plays football for V.V. Moerse Boys, at the fifth level (‘Hoofdklasse’) of Dutch Football. As a defender, his reliability comes in handy. He doesn't have to think long about his favorite football club; Feyenoord (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). His favorite football player is a more difficult choice, but his pick eventually is Zinedine Zidane.

    Besides his hobby football, he likes to have a drink with friends and he loves to discover new destinations abroad. Australia and New Zealand are high on his bucket list. Furthermore on his bucket list is the dream of cycling around the world, inspired by the documentary ‘Pedal the world’.

    Sjoerd’s best Selectline memory is the ski trip to Courchevel (France) with the whole team in 2019. The combination of beautiful scenery and teambuilding was a perfect match for a nice trip.

    Want to know more about Sjoerd? Contact him by mail ( or call him +31 6 51 11 47 22.

    Maak kennis met het Selectline Team - Sjoerd Broos
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