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    28 July 2023

    Selectline in the press!

    The Dutch trade magazine Fieldmanager published the following article about Selectline. Author Nino Stuivenberg spoke with colleague Jeroen and wrote the following about our ambitions! Enjoy reading!

    Selectline wants to become the biggest in Europe by a long shot!

    Manufacturer Selectline supplies line marking paint to over 30 countries, yet you will not easily come across the brand in the Netherlands. The company is based in Baarle-Nassau, therefor it want to profile itself more emphatically on its home market.

    Selectline has been active as a line marking manufacturer for more than 30 years, with Western Europe as its largest market. The company develops and produces line marking paints and machines in its own laboratories, where it works continuously on new products. These products are then sold through an extensive partner network. Selectline is also active in France and Luxembourg as an importer of the TinyLineMarker Robots!

    Support partners

    The partner network is characteristic of Selectline's way of working, says Jeroen Vrieselaar. He leads the team as business manager. We like to enter into partnerships with companies that want to expand our brand. We choose this very consciously. A partnership with us is not a matter of transporting and selling boxes of paint, but of growing together. We really support our partners, for example, with our account managers who train our partners' employees every year and draw up a marketing plan together with our partner. We have a personal relationship with partners and visit them several times a year. This is also necessary to understand the local markets. Each country has its own needs in terms of lines.

    Biggest in Europe

    Sjoerd Broos is the international point of contact: he works as an international Account Manager and is responsible for the export of line marking products. He also appears regularly at trade fairs at home and abroad. We are good at building up a sustainable partner network', says Vrieselaar. We want to be the biggest player in Europe in the field of line marking paint, and we are on the right track to becoming that. We distinguish ourselves by the quality of our products and the consistency of that quality, but also by the service we provide. We really pull together with partners, we want to let them grow.

    Dutch roots

    In the Netherlands and Belgium, Selectline works together with Rofraline, Supaturf and Scheepers Sport. Our aim is to continue to provide good support to our partners In addition, we want to make ourselves better known as a producer of sports field line marking', says Vrieselaar. Because the paint is not sold as Selectline in the Netherlands, we are not known everywhere. This is actually strange, because we are a Dutch company with many Dutch employees and we are increasingly present in the networks in the Netherlands. That is also the reason why we are affiliated to Fieldmanager. We have our own brand with our own story.'

    Vacature Accountmanager Frankrijk
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