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  • Let us introduce Marloes!

    27 July 2023

    The Selectline Team

    Meet Marloes Bijleveld, since 2014 she is working as a product developer for Selectline.

    From experience Marloes knows that everyday is challeging. Development is an ongoing process, which makes here job challenging. Working in our own laboratory, she is a fan of all our products; the ready-to-use paints for the ease of use in combination with the nice flow, and our concentrated paints because these products provide every market with a quality paint that fits in every budget.

    In her spare time Marloes likes to swim to maintain her condition. She also enjoys Geocaching where you are outdoors in nature. To relax, she meditates every day and reads a Preston and Child thriller in due course.

    One of the things Marloes likes in her Selectline memories is going out for dinner together after a Selectline meeting in France or The Netherlands. In this way you can catch up with your colleagues in an informal way and get to know each other better. This creates a stronger team. Marloes’ favourite dish? A homemade vegetarian risotto or a self-made Mexican meal soup. Furthermore, she is a real sweet tooth and loves a nice glass of Tawny Port with a cheese.

    On top of her bucket list is a long journey with her family, to make a memory that you can carry with you for life. Furthermore, she wants a motorhome to travel with her husband in the future. During these trips she could listen to one of her favourite artists like George Michael (youth idol), Shania Twain, Miss Montreal, or Robbie Williams.

    Want to know more about Marloes or our developments? Contact her by mail via

    Click here for more information about Marloes her colleagues Sjoerd and Michel.

    Marloes Bijleveld Selectline
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