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  • Lumiforte®: the new company name of Selectline

    28 July 2023

    New step for international growth!

    SelectCoat B.V., Sudlac SAS and Mardenkro BV, companies that produce innovative greenhouse coatings and line marking products, are moving forward under a new name. The new company name is Lumiforte®. Lumiforte is part of the Horticoop Cooperative. Lumiforte coatings will continue to be available to customers under the brand names Sudlac, ReduSystems, and Selectline.

    “In the process of the name change, various business activities are also being further optimized, including production, logistics and marketing. This benefits our customers,” explains Guido Janssen, CEO Lumiforte.

    Lumiforte will retain the trusted Sudlac and ReduSystems brand names in horticulture. Janssen: “After all, these brand names are solidly anchored in the market and they each have their own specific properties and market approach. Customers can choose exactly the product that best suits their business, climate and crop.”

    The coatings available under the Sudlac brand name provide the crop with maximum and effective protection against sunlight for shorter or longer periods of time, as needed. The self-cleaning coatings do not require a removal agent.

    The technologically high-quality ReduSystems coatings work with greater precision and focus. These coatings control the amount of light and heat. The ReduSystems products can be combined, and they supplement each other. For example, in summer, light and heat reflecting coatings can be applied to the greenhouse cover together with a diffuse coating, while in low-light periods a coating can be used that improves the light level.

    In the sports sector, Lumiforte operates as a producer of line marking products and machinery under the brand name Selectline. Selectline offers a complete range of ready-to-use coatings and coating concentrates that stand out in terms of whiteness and wear-resistance. By now a well-known name for many European sports stadiums and associations.

    Local services and delivery

    Lumiforte will continue to work with its reliable global network of distributors and wholesalers so that products will always be locally available for the users, says CEO Janssen. Customers in Northern Europe can contact the Dutch Lumiforte branch for their orders and questions. Customers in Southern Europe are serviced by the French branch and American customers are serviced from the branch in Canada. A Lumiforte Asia subdivision is under development and follows in 2022.

    Renovated production facility in France

    Lumiforte notes that the demand for quality shading agents continues to increase due to global greenhouse growth. Therefore, Lumiforte France opened a brand-new plant in 2021. In Southern Europe, shading agents are primarily used to increase crop efficiency. Lumiforte is observing a different trend in Northern Europe: there is a strong growing need here to control light throughout the entire year by means of coatings.

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