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  • Portrait Snelle

    28 July 2023

    Selectline is contributing to this cool project!

    What do you do when you need high quality line marking paint on short notice for a cool project commissioned by streaming service Netflix? Milati Grass Machines BV was faced with this dilemma and quickly came to Selectline as the appropriate solution to their problem.

    What exactly did that cool project entail? As a tribute to the documentary 'Snelle, zonder jas naar buiten', about the life of the popular Dutch singer Lars Bos, Milati created a gigantic portrait of Snelle on a meadow near the A1 and Wilpse Plas near Deventer. With a diameter of 100 meters, this was a big job that took an entire weekend to complete.

    The portrait was applied to a pasture after the grass was first cut to an ideal height with machines from Allett Mowers. Then the portrait was drawn with the help of three Turf Tank One robots. These are GPS-controlled line marking robots that can complete a pre-programmed program. The portrait was made digitally and then drawn on the pasture by the controlled robots.

    Line marking paint

    When thinking of line marking paint, one usually thinks of white line marking paint, but Selectline also has other colors of line marking paint in its assortment. Thus, it is possible to provide a portrait with black color accents, but also blue, red, green and yellow are among the possibilities.

    Because Selectline has its own production facilities, delivery times can be kept short. Within one day Milati Grass Machines BV was provided with the required (color) line paint.

    Thanks to Milati Grass Machines BV for the photos.

    Portret Snelle - Selectline
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