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    The Selectline field markers are a useful tool for the (re-)marking of your pitch. The field markers are packed per 25 pieces and are available in white, red, blue, yellow and orange.

    Time saving
    High accuracy
    Flexible in use
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    The Selectline field markers are a unique and innovative product. The field markers have been developed as an aid for the (re)-marking of your sports field. The fieldmarkers are available in white, red, blue, yellow and orange.(25 feathers per box). The field markers can be used to indicate the initial line manually. You place the markers at the important places for your marking. For example in the corner of the field, or on the spot where the centre line starts. In this way, these places remain recognisable when re-marking your field. The field markers can be placed in the field with the aid of a key (supplied).
    Time saving
    The field markers remain in the ground until they are removed with the special key. his eliminates the need to spend time searching for the marked lines.
    Working with field markers ensures high accuracy! The field markers are installed at an exact point on the field and remain in place. This allows you to always work from the same points. Flexible In case of (large) maintenance at the end of the season, the field markers can easily be removed with the key without unnecessary damage to the field.
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