Selectline Mix Club

A low-cost white line with good wear resistance

Selectline Mix Club

Selectline Mix Club is a concentrate line marking paint for a neat white line with good wear resistance. This makes this line paint ideal for your training and competition fields.

You can determine yourself in what proportion you mix the line paint for sport fields with water and thus remain in charge of your own finances.

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Selectline Mix Club
  • Mix with water
  • Medium whiteness
  • Very wear resistant
  • Economical in use


Mixing ratio
For natural grass
Shake can
Use flat tip nozzle
Keep from freezing

General usage

7 ltr/field
9.5 ltr/field
American football
24 ltr/field

Available in


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Shake the can thoroughly before use. Create the desired amount of solution by mixing Selectline Mix Club in a ratio of 1:4 to 1:8 with clean water. Selectline Mix Club can be applied with the Selectliner, Easyliner or most common line marking machines equipped with a flat tip nozzle.

General information

  • Suitable for all sports on natural grass
  • Whiteness will depend on type of nozzle, pump pressure and walking speed
  • Safe for the environment

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